The Red Crown

“Once, all foxes were silver. The queen of the foxes had a coat that shone like the trees after an ice storm.”

How an Anti-Choice Clinic Bullied and Lied to Me

“She made me look through brochures filled with photos of bloody fetuses spilling out of garbage bags.”

Readers Report: Resolutions
The Rumpus

“We all start again and arrive at different versions of the same end. We keep casting off, untying the ropes, setting to sea.”

Reporting for Audubon.org
News stories written for the National Audubon Society

A Little Help for Our Little Friends
Animal Sheltering Magazine, a national magazine for animal shelters and rescues

Seabirds and Shorebirds at Risk from Climate Change
Ocean Watch magazine

Perfect Records: Pixies’ Doolittle

A personal essay about falling in love with this album amid drag pageants, an old house up on stilts, and long drives to New Jersey.